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Usable Buildings is for anyone who wants to make their buildings more suitable for the people who use them, less damaging to the natural environment and a better long-term investment. Content is aimed at professional practitioners, managers, building users, students and researchers.

The site was put together in 1998 by Adrian Leaman and Bill Bordass privately, then moved to the Usable Buildings Trust in 2002, reverting back to the founders in 2019.

Follow the links to pdf and video files which may then be downloaded or viewed. If material is protected by copyright, you will be taken to the vendor's website. Our intention is to make as much material as possible free to the user.

We like to have some sort of contact with you. This may be brief, or develop into something bigger. Either way it is helpful for us to know who you are and why you are interested in us. If you would like to tell us about your work, submit new content, make a donation or have an enquiry, please contact us.

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